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From former irregular migrant to teacher

Thousands of irregular migrants put their lives at risk by crossing the Niger desert. Adosi, a 27-year-old young Togolese, came to Agadez a few months ago with the hope of going to Europe through Libya. 

“When I arrived in Agadez, I had almost nothing left. I had lost everything on the way. And I had no idea that the most difficult part of my journey was actually starting from Agadez,” he said. 

He then asked about the dangers of crossing the desert. This information helped him change his mind.

“After careful thought, I decided to give up the journey to the unknown and look for work there. With my teaching degree and experience in Togo and Congo Brazzaville, it was easy to be recruited.” 

He was fortunate to be recruited as a teacher in a private school where he manages a class of 32 students. 

“I now earn a salary that allows me to take care of myself and save,” he says proudly. 

For the young teacher Adosi, the fact that he had a job in Agadez, a town in northern Niger, is a perfect illustration that young Africans no longer need to look for work in Europe. Instead of dreaming of an imaginary Eldorado, Africans must promote inter-African migration. 

He argues: “Our countries are rich and united. I have been in Agadez since last July and at no time have I had any problems. I really feel at home. This is unthinkable in Europe for an irregular migrant who must live hidden as a criminal”. 

Adosi has only one dream today: “To bring my wife and my son to Agadez. My wife is a professional hairdresser; we have the project to open a hair salon that will bring us money “.

TMP 11/11/2019

Photo credit: Ibrahima Diallo/TMP

Photo caption: Adosi in his classroom