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Former migrant launches political party in Niger

Oumarou Maman Rabiou has just launched his political party, the Party for Unity, Solidarity and Development (PUSD-Lokatchi). After several trips around Africa and to Europe in search of a better life, young Rabiou finally decided to return home and fight for the emancipation of the youth in his country. Recently, he met with TMP to share his story.

Why launch a political party?

My dream has always been to work for a fairer society, keeping the common good as a fundamental value. Solidarity must be placed at the heart of society and individual relationships. I also strongly believe that it is possible to build a new Niger. From a more political point of view, I would like to see the parties evolve, to move away from “Daddy’s Politics “, to leave more room for young people and for new forms of activism.

How can the fate of Nigerien youth be changed?

Measures must be taken to satisfy and find a solution to the real problems of the youth. The problem is the same for all, namely the need for high-quality training and employment. They must be properly oriented because they will be the next generation and ignoring the problems of young people is a serious danger for the future of the country.

Irregular migration is a debate among young people. What are the solutions according to you?

I think that we need to raise awareness among young people by presenting the true face of the Western world, i.e. demystifying the conditions in which they live and the risks to which they are exposed. But that is not enough. It is also necessary to promote and support young people’s entrepreneurial solutions in order to create local role models, who will inspire other young people to stay and become actors of change. We must have confidence in ourselves and a love for a job well done.

What is your message to young people?

No miracle will change our situation; we must stand up and move. We need to unite and work hard in our country and with our own potential. Every medal has to be earned, the world is not going to give us a gift. I appeal to young Africans to stay and build our countries.

TMP – 14/02/2020

Photo credit: Ibrahima Diallo/TMP

Photo caption: Oumarou Maman Rabiou